Monday, April 6, 2015

What Size Are You?

Barn Door - Terry Jarrard-Dimond
80" x 80" - Hand Dyed Fabric

The first few fabric pieces I made were traditional quilts and as such were made a size that would fit a bed.  They were made in units so it wasn't difficult to made a large just kept adding units.  

As my work developed and I began to think of this work as more than a bed quilt, the work became smaller. The direction of the work was less clear and more experimental.  My first large art piece, Barn Door pictured above,  was indeed large at 80" x 80".  I loved working at that scale and have since made a number of very large works.  

Untitled - Terry Jarrard-Dimond
12" x 12" - Charcoal and Stitching

As I moved ahead in my work, working small became more of a challenge for me but lately I've become more interested in what can be achieved in a small format.  The three new works pictured are about 12" square.  They will be matted and framed which is how I think works of this size in fabric look best.

This week I saw a link to an artist I did not know, Thomas Nozkowski.  Actually I had seen some of his work but his name didn't stick.  Now it will.  Here's a link to a nice interview with him.

Untitled - Terry Jarrard-Dimond
12" x 12" - Charcoal and Stitching

Nozkowski has many things to say of interest but one that caught my attention was the fact that some years ago he made the decision to work on a smaller scale than is the usual at the time in New York galleries.  He said he wanted to work at a scale that would fit in his friend's apartment.  I loved that.

Untitled - Terry Jarrard-Dimond
12" x 12" - Charcoal and Stitching

I'll bet many of you are like me in that you have a stack of large works that will not fit anywhere except in a gallery.  OK, I admit that I am sitting right next to that first large piece I spoke about but our new house has unusually high ceilings and lots of wall space.  I have sold a couple of large works but most people can't afford them even if they have walls big enough to hang them.

So what size are you?  What are your feelings about the size of work?  Does the size of a work make it more or less important?  How do you feel about having stacks of large pieces that can't be shown in many shows because of size limitations?  How do you feel about having to pay $$$ to ship these works if you get into a show?

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Monday, March 30, 2015

My Personal Studio Practice and Art Quilt Network

Midnight Garden - Terry Jarrard-Dimond
Fabric, Charcoal and Stitching

I'm excited to have been invited to talk at the semi-annual meeting of The Quilt Art Network in Columbus, Ohio in April.  This group of creative and dedicated artists grew from a smaller group headed by Nancy Crow and Linda Flower back in 1987 and now has a membership in access of 80.

My topic will be "My Personal Studio Practice".  This sounded like an easy topic but it has proven to be more of a challenge than expected and a much broader topic than I first imagined.  I will also be working with participants hands on and look forward to a great 3 days


Regarding my studio practice, we have continued to try and clear the way in our new location to get back to some kind of normal schedule and I can just see the light ahead.  I have managed to begin some work in a couple of different directions which is encouraging.  One of the biggest challenges is to get the big studio sorted out.  We have done most of the really hard work or I should say, Tom has done most of the hard work, but we still haven't cleared the space and set up shop.  We reached a point where we just had to take a break and take care of other parts of life.

Thanks for sticking in there with me.  I have several artists in mind for profiles I want to do soon and will be posting new work when it is ready.


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Monday, March 16, 2015

What Does It Take to Keep Working

This weekend I attended a birthday party and exhibition for an artist friend who was turning 90 years old.  This is the third such celebration I have attended this year.  

I hope to do a full article on this artist soon so I will keep the identity to myself for now but seeing the work was very inspiring.

So many people give up on their creative pursuits.  They drop by the wayside for many reasons.   What does it take to be one of those who continues to create:  desire, drive, good health, luck, support of family and friends, all of these things.  Making art is not easy.  Most of us do it because we are born "makers" and aren't happy if we aren't in the studio.

Part of the party Saturday was an exhibition of work by this particular artist.  The work had been produced over the last 20-30 years including about 10+ new pieces made during the last 18 months.  I loved seeing the older work next to the new and recognize the brush stroke of this mature painter in all of the paintings.  

Our culture is so youth oriented that older people are often overlooked while in some cultures they are revered.  Look around.  You may be blesses with some very interesting and creative people who have entered the realm of senior citizen.  Enjoy them.  Learn from them.

Congratulations to my friend on such an impressive accomplishment.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Passport To The Arts A Big Success

Drawing by Clemson Alum, Geo Sipp.
Lee Gallery, Clemson University

This was the fourth year for Passport To The Arts a fundraiser for The Art Center in Clemson, SC.  This year they sold out of tickets for this unique event.

The OLLI Center featured a showing of work by art students
at Clemson University

Each ticket holder receives a passport which allows them to ride between exhibitions of art around town.  This year the venues were Lee Gallery at Clemson University, The Bus Terminal for the Clemson Area Transportation Department, The Art Center of Clemson, and the Osher Life Learning Center which is at Patrick Square.  Each location has art, refreshments and music.  In addition to this, each of the buses has entertainment for the riders.  We heard some wonderful poetry and two singer-musicians on the buese. Here are a few shots of the event.

The CAT Bus terminal was lots of fun with an opportunity for art making on
a large scale.

Poet Tony Click read his poetry to riders of one
of the CAT buses. 

The OLLI Center featured a nice three piece jazz combo to
entertain people while they viewed the art.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

South Carolina Clay Conference

Attention all SC potters and pottery lovers!  The City of Newberry PRT is offering a first "ever" Clay Conference, taking place at the Newberry Arts Center in Newberry, SC at the end of February 2015.  I will be speaking to the group on Sunday March 1 on the topic of Building An Art Presence.  Please plan to join us.

For more information and registration details, contact: Marquerite Palmer, Art Program Coordinator, at 803/321- 1015 or e-mail to (

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